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*We're kind of kickass

I'm Ashleigh. I've been copywriting, proofreading, and storytelling for over ten years.  And now I have a team*. We can't wait to meet you!

Ashleigh Rennie

Director and Copywriter

I love language. I love words. I love stories. I have been writing for over a decade. Clients have included those in the mining, fashion, food, night life, tech and entertainment industries. You can see my work here.

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Meet The Team

Kieran Rennie, video content specialist, writer, and expert tea maker.

"The CV? The background? It’s as irrelevant as a referee at a wrestling match.
I’ve spent time writing for and performing on the stage, I’ve been a regional radio
Morning Drive Host and I’ve written, recorded and released an original music
album. I’m a car freak and have held the title of editor on two automotive trade
publications. I am photographer, videographer and a wannabee stenographer.
There’s a pigeon hole out there somewhere that I’m trying to fit into."

Josh Thatcher, the music-making, button-pushing, image-splicing, effects-creating, film-enhancing, equipment-plugging magician. Get iiiiiiiiin! 

"You know all the AV studio tech and equipment? GHz, GB,  Allen&Heath Qu-Pac (with sixteen built-in AnalogiQTM digitally controlled preamps), Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 extending the input board to 50 channels, DBX 286s Mic Preamp/Processor, ART Head amp 6 Pro extending the headphone output board to 16 channels,

Yamaha MSP 7 Active Studio Monitors, 50th Anniversary American Fender Stratocaster,

2008 Highway One American Fender Telecaster, 1977 Marcus Miller Remake American Fender Jazz, Ibanez JS 1200 Series, Taylor 110ce, Line 6 Helix LT, Marshall Code 100 Guitar Amplifier, Alesis Crimson Mesh Electronic Drum Kit,

Axiom 61 Midi Controller.

And a plethora of plugins and VSTs. All of that? Well, I know all that stuff so you don't have to."



Bella is a middle-aged South African dog who now lives in London. This makes her an international travelling hound of mystery. She has many talents that include, but are not limited to:

  • Seeking out the foulest smelling things in any area she finds herself, mainly to eat and roll around in.

  • Demolishing a large piece of raw hide in less than a week.

  • Barking at birds because, even though they are harmless, they pose a major threat to the house and they must be DESTROYED.

  • Seeking out squirrels, but then being confounded by them.

  • Providing the business with licks, dog-speak and general moral support.


London, United Kingdom

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