"That was an epic, epic message exquisitely delivered" - Female audience member


I teach people in business how to
be more inclusive of women, and 
become their allies.

39 years of real-world experience living with a vagina, distilled into instantly-applicable mindset shifts and behaviour checks to increase performance, resilience and humanity. 

Let's play a game of objectification

Grand total of women's worth -

upwards of £834 billion

Are you aware of the impact that has on you, your team, and your organisation?


What are women *actually* worth?

In the workplace, as employees, women are worth £444 billion to the UK economy

Women's unpaid labour is worth £140 billion to the UK economy (if we include women aged 18-100 it goes up to $700 billion)

Female entrepreneurs are worth £250 billion to the UK economy

The answer is, most likely, no.

Why not?

You should, and here's why:

Because when women are exhausted, they underperform.

When women are underappreciated, they underperform.

When women feel they have to overperform, they underperform.

When women are angry, they underperform.

The day-to-day attitudes and behaviours towards women in your organisation affect confidence, strategy, timelines, outcomes, customer service, user experience, and profitability.











It's time to focus on humanity. 

Everything good flows from that.


Ashleigh pulls back the curtain and shares a deep, unfiltered look into her childhood, her life and her work, providing your team with an unapologetic view of the battles many face and how we rise above them. Through her personal experience and the challenges she has faced over the years due to being a woman, she feels called to inspire others to embrace understanding and grow from it. She shares her framework with audiences to assist in transforming their daily behavior into chosen practices of humanity and inclusion.  

"I can't believe how generously you gave! The value we got was through the roof. Thank you so much!" - Female event organiser & host

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Ashleigh Rennie Interview

Ashleigh Rennie Interview

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234: How to Create Content Using Your Authentic Voice with Ashleigh Rennie

234: How to Create Content Using Your Authentic Voice with Ashleigh Rennie

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Ashleigh Rennie on Money Talks. Think it/Feel it/Write it

Ashleigh Rennie on Money Talks. Think it/Feel it/Write it

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is not Inclusion

How would your organisation transform if the output of your women doubled? Tripled? What would it mean if - instead of operating from a place of exhaustion, shame and anger - women were performing from a place of joy? And everyone was performing with more humanity?


In this keynote delivery, no limits exist -   

Ashleigh's childhood abuse, and subsequent rage and poor life choices,  underpin an exploration of how being excluded affects performance and delivery. 

Perfect for:

  • Women who are in search of inspiration, and men who want to be (and don't want to be) allies 

  • Executives and leaders responsible for DEI programmes

  • Leaders responsible for building workforce resilience, productivity, and engagement 

  • Female entrepreneurs

The audience will leave with:

  • A practical framework to identify gender bias

  • A new perspective on the soft skills required to effectively enter into dialogue about gender bias

  • An instantly-applicable action plan that empowers them to improve inclusive behaviours to strengthen the organisation

  • A £ value of every woman in your organisation when they're performing at their peak, calculated for you

Available As: 

  • Keynote (In-Person or Virtual)

  • Half-Day Workshop (In-Person or Virtual)

  • Full-Day, In-Person Workshop

  • Custom Configuration

Speaking fees start at £1,900 ($2,500)