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Copy is your online marketing person

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Oh, this is a quick one. Promise. Quicker than a cup of coffee. Quicker than it takes me to scoff down a bag of Sainsbury’s vegan chocolate balls. So, if you run your own business, and you’re doing EVERYTHING yourself, including writing your own copy…stop.



There are some tricks that you’re missing. And I want to teach them to you.

1. Your copy is not about you

Every time you use the words me, I, mine, myself…take them out. Your copy is not about you, who you are, what you do. Your copy is about your potential client – what they need, their dreams, their objectives, their objections, their desires, what keeps them up at night.

The bomb dot com copywriters will be able to distill all of this in a way that has your prospect thinking...'OMG YES, this is my life, how do they know this about me?'

And then they'll start thinking about buying from you.


How do you know what your clients need, their dreams, their objectives, their objections, their desires, what keeps them up at night? You do the research. You ask questions. You get on phone calls. You take people out for coffee. You do zoom meetings. You run surveys. You (cleverly) gather testimonials. There are very strategic ways of getting this research into your hands, and onto your sales page, website and emails.

Once you have the research, you have to use it in a very particular kind of way. You mine it for gold. You find the gems that you can use on your website, in your emails, and on your sales page. Research is everything. You should be doing it all the time.

3. Keep testing and tweaking

Your copy is never finished. Ever. You should be testing that copy all the time. Google analytics, mouse flow, hotjar…these are very powerful tools that you can use and run on your pages to see how many visitors you’re getting; how long they stay on the page; the bounce rate; the exit rate; all the hotspots…and then you tweak and edit and change based on that data.


Your copy is your online marketing person. It’s got your back. It’s working all the time to give you visibility, start conversations, generate leads and ultimately, make you money.

If you’re writing your own copy, amazing! Keep pushing. You got this. But make sure you’re writing copy, and you’re not just writing your life story and why you’re the best at solving [insert problem related to your industry here]. You have to take your client on a journey. One where they go from Point A to Point Buyer. And that is all about them – not you.

If you’re working with a copywriter, are they constantly optimizing for you? Are they checking the data? Are you paying them enough so that they can afford to do that for you?

When you leverage copy properly…damn, it’s the most powerful thing you can do for your business, like ever.

K, as you were.


YOU can write better copy. I promise. Enroll in my live master class and get copy-savvy.

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Judy Dudley
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