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 - ON A QUEST - 

Mind-reading, heart-thumping, conversion-guaranteed emails

that kiss the screen.

Your emails are the backbone of your business.


And you know what I hear a LOT? 

'My emails aren't converting...'

'I need my emails to be more engaging and interesting...'

'I need inspiration to write captivating emails!'

Think about your email sequences like a quest...

Individually, they are powerful, but when they work together, they take your prospect on the most magnificent journey of empathy, education, persuasion, and finally conversion.

Whether you're welcoming new people to your list and you need a perfectly pitched welcome sequence to nurture them into your world...

Or you need a sequence that gets the sales coming in on repeat...

This is an empowering, high-impact service so that you can focus on what you do best. You do big picture. I do details. And it'll save your brains from leaking out of your eyeballs as you try and figure out how a sales sequence even works.

Story-driven, authoritative, ROI-worthy emails written for you
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Carey Bentley, Lifehack Tribe, CEO

Here's what's waiting for you...

A ready-to-go conversion-optimised bundle of glorious juiciness that is going to put you squarely in front of your audience and make them fall in love with you.

The Quest Questionnaire. This is where it all begins so that I know exactly what we're offering, to whom, and why you're the one they should learn it from (get ready to show yourself off - you have every right to)

Research to mine for industry trends, and data-gathering to position you as an authority.

A 60-minute call where you talk and I listen so that we both know that we're working from the same bible. We'll get clear on your vision, whom you're serving, and why your offering is the bomb dot com.

Your opt-in email - oh, this is the Big Mamma of emails. This is a money-maker. When people get this one, we're starting to build a relationship. Everything hangs on this one.

Competition analysis - crucial. Non-negotiable. And I'll do it for you. What is your competition doing? What's working? What isn't working? Leverage that information to take your offerings from hot to blistering white fiery must-haveness.

A 3-email sequence - this is the one that invites people to your pre-launch event. Your webinar. Your workshop. Your master class. Whatever it might be, you want bums on virtual seats. Let's create a major buzz with your list - and start turning them into buyers.

A 4-email 'don't forget to be there' sequence - People might have signed up for your pre-launch event, but will they come? You gotta keep the excitement levels up so that your show-up rates are through the roof. 

An 8-email sales sequence - now the fun really starts. You've hooked your audience at your webinar. Will they take action and throw their dollar bills at you? Only if you keep building connection, trust, and empower them to make the obvious choice for themselves.

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Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

...and I'm a Copyhackers-trained conversion copywriter, who's best known for her dollar-loving sales pages and engaging email copy.

Writing copy for high-impact launches, funnels for Carol Cox, Natalie Sisson, Lifehack Tribe, and being on the list of Selena Soo's select chosen copywriters has given me the edge when it comes to ROI. I also have a proven, solid framework that I use to make sure that every single word is performing at its peak to make you top dollar.


Optimisation ($400) - give your email funnel 90 days to get to work. Remember, this is a journey, and data is your bestie! Then let's hop on a call, look at the open and click through rates, see what could be working better, and make some changes to get everything performing at its peak.

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"Okay, Ashleigh, what are the deets?"

Very flipping fantastic question.

I'll send you a list of all the information I need from you to make this happen. Send that to me on schedule, and you'll have your emails in one short month.

I provide two subject lines per email for A/B testing, as well as preview text - a must-have for drool-worthy open rates.

Emails are provided in a google doc along with gifs and images, for a peak reading experience for your list, and better conversion rates.

You get all of this at a 'what the hell, I can't believe it' investment starting at $3,997.

Yup, no five-figure rates here. Why not? Because no one has time for that nonsense. 

You'll be my major focus month - with every ounce of my brainpower on your business. Working, thinking, dreaming for you.

Oooh, I'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

Got questions? Good! Email me at and let's see what's on your mind.

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