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A VIP experience for profit-focused entrepreneurs and business owners who want to convert their prospects into customers.

Delivered in a week!

Tried writing your own copy but it isn't converting?

Realised that copy isn't your strength and it's STRESSING. YOU. OUT?

Need copy written, like, yesterday?

Want someone thinking about your copy in the shower, while they're walking the dog, eating, sleeping, and then creating copy that smashes your competitors out of the water?

Might be time for a VIP Week, ladyface
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Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

...and I'm a Copyhackers-trained conversion copywriter, who's best known for her dollar-loving sales pages and engaging email copy.

Writing copy for high-impact launches, funnels for Carol Cox, Natalie Sisson, Lifehack Tribe, and being on the list of Selena Soo's select chosen copywriters has given me the edge when it comes to ROI. I also have a proven, solid framework that I use to make sure that every single word is performing at its peak to make you top dollar.

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Kate Nankivell, LinkedIn Specialist, Force of Nature

Now you have the opportunity to make YOUR words land with key people

I am totally jazzed to be opening up 1 spot a month in my KERR-AZY schedule.


If you have an offer that you're deeply committed to and excited about, and you want to share it with the world, this is for you.

This VIP Week is IDEAL for you if you're...

Just not making the kind of sales you were expecting...

Surveying your buyers and audience, and you have feedback from them...

Are willing to really explore who your audience is and to connect with them on the deepest level possible

Here's how we get the sales rolling in...

With the EP(i)C framework.

What is this wondrous acronym of delicious delight? It's our secret sauce!  

We turn Empathy and Persuasion into Conversion...using tried and tested research, data mining, and storytelling techniques. 

We're going to make it rain $$$s, you and me. Because we're going to use words that your audience can't help but connect with.

Ashleigh New Branding-06.png
broken down

You connect with your audience. Show them that you get them. You share their doubts, frustrations, desires and dreams. 
You deepen that connection with them because they feel seen and heard. We develop trust, the key ingredient to a sales success story.


Through a very carefully tailored approach, you educate and inspire your audience. You empower them to take steps to choose themselves and change their lives. Conversion is the next logical step for them.


You take your audience on a journey. Once they see that you're on their side and that you fundamentally understand them, you start to coach them into a new realm of what's possible. You name their excuses, you reflect their fears back at them, and you validate where they are at. And then you show them a different reality.

The purpose of conversion copywriting is to move your prospect to say 'Yes.' We do this through data-driven storytelling, formulas, and proven persuasion techniques.

It's not just random writing, hoping something will land. It's a strategy that makes money.

It's a specific blend of impactful storytelling, and data.

It's filled with high tension, drama, climax, and the final resolution...the ingredients of every good story. And your fairytale ending? Getting your mission, message and product or service out into the world. And raking in them dollar billz (Remember, wealthy, powerful women are change-makers)

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Thais Busato, Branding & Business Expert, Atypical Lounge

Your VIP Week Investment Options

You ready? Hold onto your 'do because your hair's about to be blown back to front and upside your head...

for a full week
Choose three days for 


When you pick me, I am yours, lady. For the whole day, I live, eat, breathe your business, your brand, your message, and I craft your copy to perfection.

Here's how it works

You get a set of empathy-driven

questions to fill out before we start.

We jump on a 60-minute call on the morning of your VIP day.

I take copious notes and fill my brain with your clients, your voice, your goals.

Then off you go... spend a few days hours at the movies, in an art class, at yoga, walking the dog, sleeping, or working on your business...

While I ensconce myself in music, coffee, my pomegranate and patchouli candle, and Bella...and make unique and bespoke magic for you.


I'll be in touch throughout the day, providing updates. 

Your copy will be ready for you when we meet at the end of the week.



Ready to hit the ground running and get that copy off your mind at 3 AM, and in front of your new buyers?

Choose from one of these two options

Give me a full week
(Oh, look at YOU)


This is perfect for you if you need ONE of the following:

  • A short-form sales page

  • 5-7 emails

  • A long-form sales page

  • A home page

  • Three web pages

I want three days



Ideal if you're looking for any one of the following:

  • A sales page audit

  • An email funnel audit

  • A launch strategy session (with a funnel map)

  • A landing page and a thank you page

  • 3-5 emails

There is one opening per month. Fill out the form below and I'll let you know the next steps!

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