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Not that I've found my niche yet, but...

I bought this Instagram course, which I am loving. It's taught me the basics of Canva, which has been one of the most fun things I've done in a long time. But the other thing it's made me really think about and focus on, is my niche.

As a new business owner/runner/person, people have kept saying to me, you need to have a niche. Now, obviously I *know* this inside my head. But actually identifying a niche, and then marketing yourself to it, isn't easy. And yet, somehow, it's starting to happen. Slowly but surely.

Here are a few things to think about when dealing with the question of niche.

  1. It'll happen organically. You're going to be drawn to particular things and particular kinds of people. Also, certain kinds of people will respond to what you're putting out there, more than others. For me, it's other female business owners in their thirties and forties. We just click. You'll find your click, too.

  2. Trust your gut. This relates to my first point, but in a more visceral way. If you're pushing for something, and it's just not happening, walk away. Don't force it. For a while, I was trying to sell my services to agencies and marketing companies, and they weren't biting. Digital nomads and online entrepreneurs? LOVE ME. And l love them. Boom. Niche win.

  3. Go digital. The world has changed forever this year. And this is good. All of my clients are based internationally. New Zealand, Australia, Lithuania, USA, India. They're all over the world. There is an incredible community online of other people running their own businesses, looking for services that you provide. Go and find them. You'll resonate with something out there, and that niche thingy will become clearer.

  4. What do you love? What makes your heart rate go up? What are you passionate about? Me? I'm passionate about feminism, female empowerment, other women who are driven to be successful, writing copy that is a bit quirky and funny and sassy. When you find that combination of things that make your blood flow a bit quicker, you're on the right track to finding your tribe, and making money.

Also, there's no rush. Seriously. Half of the fun in this new world I'm in, is in the exploration and the realisations I'm making. Enjoy it. Experience it. Don't listen to EVERYONE. Listen to one person. Or two. And your own thing.

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