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Boost Your Business's Visibility in Three Weeks

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

A few months ago, something pretty bloody amazing happened to me and my business in the space of three weeks. And I want to share it because I think it might help you with a few things. My business is young. She’s just over a year old. I started her when I was working as a care worker. I started her from my car, and only when I’d been up and running for six months did I give up the care job and go full-time with The Story Team. I have thrown myself into this entrepreneurial existence like it’s a foam party in the 90s. Did you ever go to one of those? I don’t know what was I was thinking when I was 18, but ew. One of the things I’ve learned is that you have to boost your business's visibility.

So, I have basically smashed as much learning into my face as I can, about how to do that. I’ve bought the Instagram courses, worked on my Instagram, worked on my reels, posted on Instagram every single day, gone live, done hashtag research, everything. And that all goes a long way to increase brand visibility. But it was also exhausting. EX.HORSE.TING.

Spending that much time on social media was a lot for me. I don’t have a VA or a social media manager. I am doing everything myself. I needed to start implementing a strategy that was more effective and less time-consuming and didn’t involve me writing Instagram posts every single day.

I’ve put together the best tips and ideas from all the courses I’ve done and blogs I’ve read and podcasts I’ve listened to so that you can start smashing your business’s visibility and get out there like a BOSS. Because are we here to play golf or are we here to fuck around? We are here to play golf, motherfathers. So, let’s do that.


I’ve put in a ton of work in the last 6 months to increase the visibility of my business so that I can uplevel my clients, all with the aim of earning more and working less.

In three weeks I managed to:

  • Guest on a high profile podcast that I’ve been listening to for a while, that I LOVE and aligns with everything I believe in

  • Host a masterclass on content creation for a really big company

  • Guest contribute for several publications online

I mean, BOOM. BOOM to the max is what I say to that. When you manage to do these things it means eyes on your business. It means more people know you’re out there. It means more networking opportunities. It means more leads and more clients. I have worked my ASS off for this to happen. It is entirely possible for you to do this for your business too. Here’s how:

1. Find three podcasts you love

Listen to them. In the car. On your walk. On the train. While you’re working out. In the bath (this is my fave pleasure). Then go and comment on those podcasts – find the social media posts related to them. Share them. Comment on them. Say what you loved about them. Really engage with something in the podcasts that you loved.

Follow the podcasts' creators/hosts on social media. Comment on their posts. Do not expect anything back. Don’t expect them to follow you. Don’t expect them to reply (but if they know anything about good content creation and value, they will).

Now, one important thing to remember is not to get all stalker-like and creepy. If they don’t answer you or follow you back, don’t be messaging them, like ‘Hey X, why aren’t you following me back?’ Be cool.

Why do this? A lot of podcast hosts will ask their followers to guest on their podcast. Boom. Free advertising. Brand visibility boost. Hazzaaaa!

2. Respond to emails from people whose lists you’re on

Get onto those people’s lists. Download their freebie or sign up to an offer so that they’re able to send you weekly emails. Some of them will send you an email that you totally resonate with. Respond to the email. Tell them about you. Tell them why it resonates with you. If they answer you, AMAZING. If they don’t, it’s all good. I can promise you that not a lot of people reply to weekly emails so if you do it will thrill them. Writing a weekly email is hard, and if they know it’s touched one person, you will make their day.

I did this a couple of months ago, and it got me onto a very high-profile podcast, which is still growing my list and getting me new clients.

3. Say who you ARE and what you BELIEVE

In your biog online, OWN who you are. If you’re a giant feminist who loves dogs and can’t stop thinking about suchong lapsong tea and Sainsbury’s Factory Vegan Chocolate Balls, put it in your bio. Be you, lady. Be you all the time. In everything. Because if they do see that you’re a regular listener of their podcast, and they want to check you out, then they want to know who you are. Yes, they want to know what you do, obvs. But they want to know who you are, what you stand for…all the juiciness.

You'll attract like-minded people who want to talk to you.

4. Write content that moves people

I started a weekly blog a couple of months ago. It’s the single most powerful thing I’ve done for my business. Many people have read it. One blog post, in particular, garnered a lot of attention and feedback. It’s the one I was most unsure of publishing. I thought it was too personal. Too much. Not ‘business-orientated enough. But it showed people who I am. It was a story about something I’d experienced. It was raw and honest. It allowed people to connect with me. It got me featured in masterclasses and podcasts and it has grown my business. You can read it here.

Writing that kind of content is scary because we’ve been taught that showing emotions is a bad thing. It’s associated with weakness.

But, here’s the thing: people are longing for connection. They want stories that make them feel something. Write what moves people. Write what scares you most. The relationship you had that broke your heart? Write that. The puppy you got that challenged everything you knew about love and patience? Write that. The time you were bullied? The time you were poor? The time you got fired? The time you failed? Write those things. Those things create connection. Connection is a powerful tool in networking and selling. Use it.

5. Contribute to online publications

There are SO MANY online publications desperate for free content. I write for a couple of them, like Euronewsweek, Authority, Medium and She Owns It. You don't have to be a writer to write for them. You just have to have something to say about your industry, being a business owner...hell, being a human.

How do you do this? There are two ways.

  • Go to their sites and look for the 'contribute' button. A lot of them will have one and you can submit your ideas there.

  • Join HARO. Help a reporter out is a fantastic way to engage with reporters looking for stories. They'll send you three emails every day PACKED with topics you can choose from. You'll be able to submit your idea. Then, they may feature you and your business. It's gold! And it's free.

Go forth and conquer

Now, you've got five ways to increase the visibility of your biz, go and do them. You've got this, lady. No one else is going to do it for you. Go and grab it all!


Ashleigh is a copywriter who helps women find their authentic voices, so they can weave it into their business and their branding, and rise. Boom. For real conversations, join her Facebook group here - Make a Song and Dance: Female Business Owners, RISING

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