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How To Care for Yourself as an Entrepreneur

This hugely important, and fantastic blog is from Stephanie Haywood at It is packed with the most wonderful ways to start looking after yourself as an entrepreneur and avoid burnout. I'm going to do all five of them!


Entrepreneurship is never straightforward. You’ll experience enormous highs, awful lows, and countless sleepless nights. After all, London had the highest rate of startup failure in the United Kingdom, with 50.1% of businesses failing in the first 3 years in 2019. It's no wonder entrepreneurs feel stressed: London is a competitive city.

So with the uncertainty, how do you care for your mental and physical health during the startup phase? If you follow these tips presented by The Story Team, you can go a long way.

1. Turn Your Home Into a Fresh and Vibrant Home Space

Regardless of where you build your business, you’ll need a vibrant home space to relieve tension. If your home is stressful, with complaining or critical family members, you can add a meditation space, bring more light into your house, and reorganize all the items in your house to create a more positive atmosphere. Decluttering your home can improve all situations and help you clear your mind.

2. Spend Time Outdoors

London is a great city to enjoy the outdoors. When you’re an entrepreneur, walking around in nature is one of the best ways to remove stress, think about your business, and enjoy some important exercise.

The best places to enjoy the outdoors in London are Hyde Park, Richmond Park, Primrose Hill, Finsbury Park, and Wimbledon Common. London is also excellent for running. One of the most beautiful running routes is the Thames Path. Thousands of runners travel along this path daily whilst enjoying the sights of London.

3. Create “Me Time” In Your Routine

It’s easy to forget about "me time" when you’re an entrepreneur who’s focused on creating an incredible company. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has a ritual of taking a “Think Week." During this week, Gates will spend time in a forest and read books all day.

However, you don’t need to take weeks off to have “me time.” You only need to set aside short breaks every week to remove stress.

4. Find a Hobby

Many entrepreneurs abandon their hobbies when they start a company. After all, when you’re working 90 hours a week, do you have the time to play football at night? However, forgetting about your hobbies is a bad idea.

Stephen Gillett, the cofounder of Chronicle and former CIO of Starbucks, finds time in his busy daily routine to play computer games. In addition, the former CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, takes time from 130-hour workweeks to bake cupcakes. London is filled with plenty to do, and you can take up any hobby there.

5. Improve Your Time Management

Time management is essential for maintaining a healthy amount of self-care. One of the most important aspects of time management is setting aside enough time for sleep. With the rise of entrepreneurship, getting less sleep became the norm, but sleep is essential to good health. Time management is also essential for more productivity, less stress, improved life quality, better mental health, and more energy. Managing your time wisely can improve your entire life.

Start Caring For Yourself Today

Never forget to care for yourself when you're running a business. Visit The Story Team for help with digital marketing. It will take pressure away and help you focus on self-care as an entrepreneur.

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