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Bey, Alicia, Taylor, Gaga - Which One Are You?

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I just finished a massive project. It’s taken me three months. But I'm about to hit launch phase and I’m buzzing like a bumblebee on crack. What is this massive project? It’s a QUIZ, my lady. And it’s one of the most powerful tools your business can build on.

Earlier this year I watched a webinar about how powerful quizzes can be in your biz. It hooked me. I don’t get hooked often. I’m naturally skeptical and I basically don’t trust anyone.

But this made a lot of sense. Essentially, a quiz is a lead magnet. It’s the most popular lead magnet out there, actually. Think about it. You’ve most likely completed at least one quiz online. You've definitely seen them on Facebook: which Star Wars character are you? How many songs from the 80s can you name? How much of a musical theatre fan are you REALLY?

Biz Quiz Shizz

Here's why it's so powerful: You take the quiz, you love the answer, you share it. Your friends do the same. So do their friends. Boom. That quiz has generated thousands of leads. If you’ve done a quiz where you have to put in your email address to get the answer, this is even more powerful because someone, somewhere, is growing their email list.

So, quizzes are major. And I’ve just finished mine.

If you know anything about me, it's that I am OBSESSED with brand voice. More than that, I'm obsessed with women finding and owning their real, gutsy, too loud, too much, too sweary, not enough voice. The voice you've been told you should keep quiet or change. That's YOUR voice. When you start to leverage it, your business will FLY. So, OBVS that is what my quiz is about.

Creating a good, VALUABLE quiz is a super-complex process, and it takes an age to get it right. But I thought you might like to know some of the deets, so you can see what it can do for your biz. So here you go:

Identify your ICA

Yup. The HARDEST part of owning a business (for me anyway). Who IS my ICA? This has become WAY clear for me over the last few months. You have to know who that is. There are ways of doing this that make it easy and simple. Promise. (And I can teach you how *wiggles eyebrows up and down*)

What is your quiz about?

This is always going to relate to an offer or service that you provide. My quiz is about your badass brand voice (how to identify and embrace it). What is your business offering? What do people want? What are they looking for? That’s what your quiz is going to offer them: the answer.

My quiz asks seven questions and then tells you this:

86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support.

Take the quiz to discover your brand’s unique voice and develop a melody that makes you memorable AF (basically you’ll be the online business version of an earworm!)

Create the quiz

This quiz has to be the shizziest quiz ever created. It’s got to hold onto that quiz taker by the short and curlies. They must be so excited to take (and finish!) your quiz that it’s a no-brainer for them to give you their email address so that they can get the answer. This is a tall order. People don’t have very long attention spans. So, make that quiz short, sharp, fun, colourful, and delish.

Gifs are my fave raves, so I use a lot of this kind of thing in my quiz questions and results:

Create results that are BAM!

The results need to provide a kind of value that you get in first class on a flight from Perth to London. It’s long. But it’s comfortable. Plush. Thrilling to some degree. It makes your quiz taker feel special. It fills them with the mind-opening shazam-ness of possibility. Your results should make them feel on top of the world. They should feel like they can do anything.

Nurture, nurture, nurture

Once you’ve got their email address, it’s time to nurture. It’s time to get them to fall in love with you. You need an email sequence that is going to talk to them and their needs. And THIS is where we start to understand the power of the quiz.


After you’ve put your quiz together, you will put it into a quiz-hosting platform. I use Interact. This is a powerful flipping tool. It allows you to segment your answers, and tag the users based on the answers they provide. But get this: you tag them in your email platform. So, essentially, your quiz-hosting platform talks to your email-providing platform and it segments your list based on the answers they gave when taking your quiz.

This means you can create segmentation questions in your quiz. These questions can segment your list into all kinds of categories. As an example, this is how I’ve segmented my list:

Brand voice type


Where they are in their business-building journey

Where they are in their brand voice journey

Now, when I send my weekly emails, I don’t send one blanket email to my whole list. I send different emails depending on where they sit in the segmentation. It means I can talk to different people in different ways, depending on where they are in their biz.

Imagine my quiz brings in two people: one is a very established businesswoman who knows her brand voice and runs a team of people. The second is someone who’s only been in business for a year, who is still finding their brand voice, and who is a one-woman show. Sending them the same email just isn’t effective, because their needs are completely different. If I’ve created an offer that helps someone find their brand voice, the established businesswoman isn’t going to want that offer in her inbox. She might unsubscribe when I send her that email. So, I don’t send it to her. I send her very specific, valuable advice, tips, and offers that she can use.

This allows you to write emails that speak much more directly to each segment of your list. It increases the know, like, and trust factor. It makes your comms feel super-specific. This is marketing POWER. You can connect with them. You can speak to their needs. You can identify with their journey. Boom. Open rates go up. Unsubscribe rates go down. And you can target your offers because you KNOW the people on your list. Boom. you get the principle. Take a look at the damn quiz I created and let me know your thoughts! And let me know who you get! I got Beyonce. I’m buzzing to hear your result!


Ashleigh is a copywriter who helps women find their authentic voices, so they can weave it into their business and their branding, and rise. Boom. For real conversations, join her Facebook group here - Make a Song and Dance: Female Business Owners, RISING

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