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End-to-end launch copy. Drama. Humour. Intrigue.

Characters that fuel connection. Plot twists that guarantee conversion.  

 - 5 Act Launches - 

WE LOVE A LAUNCH. We love everything about it - and that means less stress for you. Like...way less stress. 

Let's not sugarcoat this - launches can end up like horror shows, right? Things left to the last minute (often the COPY), tech glitches you didn't plan for, and team members clutching to their will to live because they're working until 2am to make sure everything goes according to plan.


Your launch deserves better. It deserves popcorn and cola, with chocolates sprinkled in for sweetness if that's your vibe. It deserves the BEST.

If you want "launch mode" to mean early nights for you and your team, secure in the knowledge that the profits are going to flow in, so that you all can *actually* focus on the job at hand...

Then you need the 5 Act Shakespeare of Launch Copy on your side

(make 'profits' and 'stress-free' your launch buzzwords)
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Hi, I'm Ashleigh!

...and I'm a Copyhackers-trained conversion copywriter, who's best known for her dollar-loving sales pages and engaging email copy.

Writing copy for high-impact launches, funnels for Carol Cox, Natalie Sisson, Lifehack Tribe, and being on the list of Selena Soo's select chosen copywriters has given me the edge when it comes to ROI. I also have a proven, solid framework that I use to make sure that every single word is performing at its peak to make you top dollar.

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Let's work together to make your launch a fantasy come true...

Imagine this...

You decide to launch something...

You do the research, and you know it's a winner...

You decide on your launch date...

You send me one email...and then you work on your product...while I handle the rest.


You're not worrying about headlines, hooks, subject lines, or any of the writing must-haves that get people click-click-clicking all over your sales page and emails

You don't have to worry that you'll leave your sales page to the last minute because you're anxious about starting (and then have all kinds of doubts about it when it's finally done)

And you're definitely not worrying about how to use writing to persuade buyers to buy from you (because that voice in your head keeps whispering at you, 'You're not a writer...')

So this is absolutely for you if...

You just don't have the hours or the money to sink into a launch that you're not 100% will be a success

You don't want to be dead on your feet, staring at your laptop at 11:30pm at night because you've finished your work for the day, but now you need to write all the damn copy for your launch (ps. when you're thinking 'I need to write my damn copy' what do you think your readers are feeling when they read it?)

You DO want to know that your copy has been delicately put together in a proven framework, that forms connection and converts your audience, by someone who has loved every single second of writing it. 

When your copy is written from a place of joy and excitement...your readers will fall in love with whatever it is you're selling. That's where I come in. I LOVE WRITING COPY.

Here's how we get the sales rolling in...

With the EP(i)C framework.

What is this wondrous acronym of delicious delight? It's our secret sauce!  

We turn Empathy and Persuasion into Conversion...using tried and tested research, data mining and storytelling techniques. 

We're going to make it rain $$$s, you and me. Because we're going to use words that your audience can't help but connect with.

broken down

You connect with your audience. Show them that you get them. You share their doubts, frustrations, desires and dreams. 
You deepen that connection with them because they can see that you get them. We develop trust, the key ingredient to a sales success story.


Through a very carefully tailored approach, you educate and inspire your audience. You empower them to take steps to choose themselves and change their lives. Conversion is the next logical step for them.


You take your audience on a journey. Once they see that you're on their side and that you fundamentally understand them, you start to coach them into a new realm of what's possible. You name their excuses, you reflect their fears back at them, and you validate where they are at. And then you show them a different reality.

The purpose of conversion copywriting is to move your prospect to say 'Yes.' We do this through data-driven storytelling, formulas, and proven persuasion techniques.

It's not just random writing, hoping something will land. It's a strategy that makes money.

Every single word I write has a purpose. Every single sentence engages the reader, makes them think 'Is this person inside my head?' and creates magic.

But it's NOT magic. It's a specific blend of impactful storytelling, and data.

It's filled with high tension, drama, climax, and the final resolution..the ingredients of every good story. And your fairytale ending? Getting your mission, message, and product or service out into the world. And raking in them dollar billz (Ladies, remember, wealthy, powerful women are change-makers)

Robyn H.jpg
- Robyn Heaney, Director, 9mm Films

"Ashleigh spearheaded an absolutely crazy project for us for 3 months –  Ashleigh is a “YES” person always, who is completely undaunted by a challenge! She was reliable, met deadlines, and was a team player. She attended meetings with our clients and picked up on even their tiny nuances to create copy that really hit all their points."

Your Investment for 5-Act Launch Copy?

What do you think you'd pay for a copywriter to:

1. Do all the research and data mining into your ideal client and your community (value $2,000)

2. Go through your testimonials and feedback with a fine-tooth comb for drool-worthy messaging (value $1,500)

3. Create a launch bible that you can use for your future launches for, like, ever (value $2,500)

4. Have an in-depth strategy session with you so that we're on the same page when it comes to the messaging and your brand voice (value $1,500)

5. Competition analysis (value $1,000)

6. Write an opt-in page that attracts exactly the leads you're looking for ($1,500)

7. Write a long-form sales page that is optimised for conversion (value $6,997)

TOTAL VALUE: Over $17,000








(Payment plans are available)

Then we move from Point A...

We jump on a 60-minute strategy call and you get my copy smarts for FREEEEEE. If we're both jazzes about working together we hit 'play' and we get this story started.

You get a contract to sign, a questionnaire to fill out, and an invite to the place where all the magic happens - our shared google drive folder 

To Point Conversion

This is where the money-making happens. I sit in my office surrounded by books, shoes, candles and dogs (all my fave things), and I live, eat, sleep, breathe your launch copy...only leaving my desk briefly for tea, toilet breaks, and hot yoga. 

I do the research, conduct voice of customer interviews, sift through all your data, scrub your surveys and testimonials, as well as forums like LinkedIn, Amazon, Yelp, Quora, and others specific to your industry to pull the pains, dreams, messaging, and concerns of our audience. 

All the're doing whatever it is you do best, without a copy worry in the world.

To Point Money-Making Launch

Now, this is totally up to you, but I'd take some of that money and spend it on myself. I'd go to the theatre. Or I'd treat my friends to dinner. I might even just go out all by myself and have a spa day. And why not? You deserve it. You've said byeeee to anixety, and hello to a launch that has raked in super-fans and made you all the profits you were dreaming of, and more.

That's the power of conversion copy. It does all the work for you.

So you can relax and do the things you love.

Got questions? HA! I love questions.

Q1. What if I'm not ready to launch quite right now?
Oh, that's all good. You can use this package within 12 months. So, grab this hot-as-Jason-Mamoa deal now while it's still going.

Q2. Why must I apply for this?

Because as hot as Jason Mamoa is, you wouldn't move in with him without at least a first date, right? We need to make sure that we're the perfect fit before we embark on this relationship.

Q3. How long will it take for my copy package to be complete?

I am quick, and I am good. Provided you're prompt in getting the questionnaire back to me, and scheduling calls, I'll have your first draft of all assets ready in two weeks. Revisions will be done in 3-5 days.

Q4. Do you give refunds?

No. This is creative work, so refunds aren't applicable. But you will get two rounds of changes to make sure that you're 100% happy with your copy before it hits your future fans.

Q5. What if I need more emails, etc?

No problemo. For a pro rata fee we can add anything extra that you want.

Q6. Do you do the design work too?

I have an incredible, and very affordable, team who can design your assets and plug them into WordPress for you. We've worked for many, many happy clients. They're badass women and they a dream to work with. This does come at an extra rate.

Q7. I still have questions. How can I reach you?

My email address is 

You can ask me anything you like. Except who my favourite Kardashian is. Because no.


You can also fill out this form: 

A reminder of what you get

1. Research and data mining into your ideal client and your community (value $2,000)

2. Testimonials feedback scrubbing for drool-worthy messaging (value $1,500)

3. A launch bible that you can use for your future launches (value $2,500)

4. In-depth strategy session  (value $1,500)

5. Competition analysis (value 1,000)

6. Opt-in page that attracts exactly the leads you're looking for ($1,500)

7. Long-form sales page that is optimised for conversion (value $6,997)

8. A pre-launch email sequence

9. Social media posts to advertise the launch/relaunch

PLUS a FREE Five-Email Sales Sequence

TOTAL VALUE: $16,997






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