Storytelling for Business

That's me. In Times Square. You won't believe what happened just eight hours before this shot was taken...

Here's the deal. We know you're experts. From your execs to management to your sales team to your call centre... you guys know your business. 


We know storytelling. And we know that when a story is told well... with the right amount of excitement and commitment and intrigue... it can influence. It can build trust. And it can inspire action.

What if we told you that you could revolutionise your business just by knowing how to tell a good story? And what if we told you that we can create bespoke storytelling experiences that will target specific areas on which you want to focus?

Storytelling can:

- Identify bottom line outcomes

- Create change

- Turn passive employees into active members of your business who live your corporate values.

How? Easy.

- We create bespoke, tailor-made packages for your needs.

- It gets all players listening to each other. We're talking cleaning staff and CEO on the same page. We're talking synergy.

- It identifies what the customer wants and how they want to be spoken to.

- It provides an emotional connection to whatever it is you're selling and that will always hook an audience - think Game of Thrones kind of passion for your business.

- It gets your people thinking about tone, delivery and pitch.

Download the course outline here.

Download a seminar overview here.

Simply put...

Storytelling can influence:

Efficacy of sales

Empower your people

Focus on the customer-facing side of your business

Healthy work environment

Internal management benefits

Manage up (get the top and the bottom talking to each other)

Maximise synergy

Grow ethos

Improve confidence

Hone presentation skills

Add value


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