Message is big. Knowing who you are and what you do is the first key in copywriting, marketing and strategising. So, how about you tell me all about you...and we bring your A game?

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Multi Media
(Ads and stuff)

I've been in multi-media for a third of my life. That's a long time. I've written radio plays. I've been a voice over artist for some of the most influential brands out there. Clients like Sun International, Garnier, Clearwater Productions, MTN, Nokia, DKNY, DSTV, Epsom Downs Shopping Centre, SXY Clothing, Old Mutual, Mail&Guardian, Sasol, Body on Tap, Lotto, Lifestyle Cement and Cesarstone. This work has given me an intimate and detailed understanding of how copy can influence and speak to a market.

Bright, conversational, hard sell, soft sell, intimate, corporate. 

Radio, TV, Cinema, corporate.

Ads, promos, in-house.

I've seen and done it all.

(And I can direct voice over artists. Because I am one.)

PR and Gig Guides and Print, oh my!

PR is big. It's huge. It builds credibility. It operates through trusted intermediaries to a particular audience. It's there to influence behaviour, opinions and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. And I'm really, really good at all of that.

I've written press releases, gig guides, newsletters and bios. Press kits are sexy. Let's build one together.

Corporate Copy

You want the facts. Succinct. Intelligent. Relatable.

Flyers, brochures, articles, résumés, LinkdIn, in-house, newsletters...I got you.


In the world of digital you're competing with time and other businesses.

So, you've gotta grab attention immediately.

Websites, landing pages, emails, social, blogs. All with a healthy dose of SEO.

I know how.



London, United Kingdom

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