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"You are FREAKING AMAZING. You are the best. Thank you so much. You are effing good. You write COPY."
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Ashleigh Rennie, The Story Team Founder

The single thing that will make you more money* is your copy.
(Big, blissful, carefree money)



If this sounds like you...

'My emails aren't converting...'

'I need my website to be more engaging and interesting...'

'My website reads like a term paper'

'I want my copy to inspire people'

'How do I even know if my emails are compelling?'

'I don't know if my website is right for my audience'

'My copy is too robotic / wordy / salesy / stiff'

'My copy isn't converting / translating / creative / powerful'

But, mostly, if you've thought or said any of this...

I've tried hiring a copywriter but I didn't get exactly what I wanted

The copywriters I've used haven't been able to find my voice

I don't have the money to hire a copywriter

I WOULD hire a copywriter but I'm a control freak

Then it's time to put an end to the complicated...

Eliminate the guesswork...


Make. More. Money.

Lack of sales gripping you in the dead of night?

Infuse your writing with data and research, to create a beautiful arc of persuasive, empathy-driven marketing that meets your prospect exactly where they are - showing them that you are their answer.


What you need is meticulous research and cold hard data beautifully twisted into persuasive and powerful words that turn your leads into $$$-spending hardcore fans of your work. 

So, when you crawl over to Google and type 'freelance copywriter needed', remember that what you're *actually* looking for is...

Sustained ROI-Guaranteed Profits

Grown from empathy-driven research that gets to the heart of your business and your clients' dreams. Peppered with wit. Laced with romance. Dipped in alliteration (but only if that's your thing)

Marketing that fuels emotion, grounded in reality


Strategic questions that yield growth. Find the heart, the drama, the intrigue of your prospects...and then, sell them *exactly* what they want.

Aw, hell, you're just looking for $$$

You're running a business! There is no shame in saying that you need to make money. You DESERVE money. You have worked hard to be where you are right now, and you should be making bank. Plus, when one woman makes money, she lifts up other women.

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Hi, I'm Ashleigh

I'm a business owner, just like you.

I grew up poor. Like...second-hand clothes poor, second-hand food poor. I needed years of therapy to re-understand wealth, that I could access it, and that I deserved it. That's why I write conversion copy. To make more money for myself, and for my clients.


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