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We have a little secret...

Business priorities and values HAVE TO BE FUN! Yup. True story. And here's why: whenever you engage in sales or product development or approach a customer or communicate a value or write something about something (a business, a brand, a product, a person) you're telling a story. And people love stories. Because we're basically still kids inside. And kids? They LOVE stories! One of the things we're really, really good at is telling stories. You have a story. Trust me. Your business has a story. And it's dying to be told.

We offer two main components to clients.

1) Copywriting. You can find out more, here.

2) Storytelling as a tool for business.

If you're interested in the storytelling component, you get an incredible team (PS One of us is NOT HUMAN). You can find out more about us and what we can give you, here.


A Bit About Us

Our Story

We are a pair of working women living in London. Ashleigh made the decision to move from South Africa with her husband, and Bella just would not be left behind. She has too much invested in the business. So we did crate training for two months (including falling asleep to the sounds of jet engines and planes taking off), and now she gets to trot over London Bridge and live her best life.

We know that words have impact - whether we're writing them, or you're speaking them, words have buying power. And Bella knows that tone is just as important as the words themselves. That's why we make a great team. And that's why you need us.

Plus, there's this: Being a creative writer of radio dramas and plays, as well as a creator of press releases and gig guides for a variety of companies (from expos to game lodges, engineers of mining equipment to some of Johannesburg’s hottest clubs) I'm able to blend the clinical facts with zest and appeal. Having fingers in the pies of both the creative and corporate worlds, I can write copy that is informative and intelligent, and also sexy, exciting and full of life.


I want our vibes to really connect with the clients’ vibes. So, I listen. I listen well. And if I don’t understand something, I ask loads of questions and then I listen some more.



Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.


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