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Hey, there, you gorgeous she-wolf of badassery.

Are you sitting in your REAL?

Are you strutting your stuff as you whip your hair back and forth?


Are you ready to RISE?

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You have a powerful, BOSS voice.

Are you using it?

Because when you do, that's when your business converts.
Your voice is your story.

People love stories. It makes them feel

connected to something.

So, why not make them feel connected to you?

Because when people connect, they buy, lady.



You need THREE things:

  • Know your ideal client inside out

  • A clear, authentic, and consistent brand voice that speaks directly to your ideal client

  • Empathetic copy that converts

Boom. Done.























3. Power your copy

Need a copy audit? Done.

Power my copy like a BOSS

So, we offer three services.

1. Define your Ideal Client Avatar

No more market research getting lost in the noise of Facebook.

You + Me = Nail my ideal client

2. Find your Authentic Brand Voice

Your brand voice is your IT factor. It's your brand. It has to cut through the noise.

This is my JAM.


Let's get slicing.


A Bit About Us

Our Story

We are a pair of working women living in London. Ashleigh made the decision to move from South Africa with her husband, and Bella just would not be left behind. She has too much invested in the business. So we did crate training for two months (including falling asleep to the sounds of jet engines and planes taking off), and now she gets to trot over London Bridge and live her best life.

We know that words have impact - whether we're writing them, or you're speaking them, words have buying power. And Bella knows that tone is just as important as the words themselves. That's why we make a great team. And that's why you need us.


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